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Radio Interview: John Simm & Philip Glenister join Graham Norton

Graham Norton BBC Radio 2 Broadcast 14 Jan 2012 There was a trio of great British actors joining Mr Norton this week. …Philip Glenister and John Simm popped in to talk about Sky1’s ‘Mad Dogs’ and the struggles of filming in stunning, hot locations. The life of an actor, who’d want it? BBC Radio 2 … Continue reading

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Even madder dogs! If you thought last year’s sun-kissed crime drama Mad Dogs was an all-action thriller, just wait for series two

Mail Online Emma Cox 13 Jan 2012 Five middle-aged ex-classmates gather at a villa in Majorca for a school reunion… but within hours it’s turned into a living nightmare as one of them is murdered and the others find themselves tangling with heavy-duty criminals and corrupt coppers while loaded down with laundered money. That was … Continue reading