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Life on Mars stars Simm and Glenister reunite for heist movie called Tuesday

Mars stars reunite for film caper
BBC News
17 May 2007

Mars stars Glenister & Simm

Mars stars Glenister & Simm

The low-budget film, which is currently shooting in the UK, sees the duo ditch their TV police personas and take on the characters of career criminals.

“John and I are the bad boys,” Glenister told BBC Radio 2. “We rob a bank. We rob a few banks, actually.”

More than seven million people tuned in to BBC One to see the final episode of Life On Mars last month.

The show followed modern-day policeman Sam Tyler, played by Simm, who found himself mysteriously transported back to the 1970s.

The role has earned Simm a nomination for best actor at this weekend’s Bafta TV awards. more

Mars boys in gangster flick
The Sun
19 May 2007

Mars boys Philip and John

Mars boys Philip and John

Philip Glenister and John Simm are reunited once more. But this time, they’re not playing cops – they’re villains.

The pair – DCI Gene Hunt and Sam Tyler in Life On Mars – are bank robbers in forthcoming Brit gangster flick Tuesday.

The film is set in the Eighties and filming is underway in Woolwich, south east London. more

One thought on “Life on Mars stars Simm and Glenister reunite for heist movie called Tuesday

  1. It be great to make a season 3 of life on Mars and mabe can see what happens to Sam Taylor after he jumped off the roof in the last episode of season 2 and mabe can see how Sam Taylor and Anne cartright disappeared because gean hunt told him and her that he and she is dead and then it can go on to the seasons of ashes to ashes

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