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Radio Interview: Mark Radcliffe with John Simm

BBC Radio 2
Steve Wright in the Afternoon – Mark Radcliffe sits in
10 Jul 2007

Mark Radcliffe chats to John Simm on his birthday about his return to the stage in Elling (0:12:27)
Listen to Radio Interview (click play button below):

With special thanks to sunshine_darkmoon (audio file) from The Railway Arms

2 thoughts on “Radio Interview: Mark Radcliffe with John Simm

  1. Can’t believe that this interview has been up for five years and not one person has commented!?! I’d never heard it before and thought it was really good [and a great tune in the middle too… 🙂 ]. He’s such a normal bloke, it’s a real pleasure to hear what he has to say (and Tweet, LOL).

    I had the good fortune to see ‘Elling’ both at The Bush and Trafalgar Studios (enjoyed it so much the first time with my hubby that I had to take my sister and my son too) – I loved it, and since then have seen John on stage in ‘Speaking in Tongues’, ‘Hamlet’ and more recently ‘Betrayal’.

    I think that Mark Radcliffe’s comment that Jim Broadbent’s name on a drama always means that it will be good could equally apply to John Simm – I’ve never yet seen him in anything that I haven’t enjoyed. In fact my husband suggested that we re-watch both ‘Exile’ (a real shame that he didn’t win Best Actor at the BAFTA’s for that – it was a brilliant performance) recently and he also wants to re-watch ‘State of Play’…. it’s high time that he won some awards! 🙂

    • Elaine,
      Thanks so much for popping this blog post’s cherry! Of course, I can’t agree more with everything you said! 😀

      Elling remains by far my favorite of John’s stage performances with Betrayal now being my second favorite.

      John’s consistent track record for quality in virtually everything he is involved with, plus the themes in some projects (Alzheimers, Human Trafficking, etc) is why he remains my #1 favorite actor. There are other actors I admire greatly but none I consider to have such an impressive portfolio!

      Besides that, I personally have great admiration for John’s professionalism, personal conduct, family values and for keeping out of gossip rags. I couldn’t be a fan of an off-camera jerk! 😉

      [Edit: btw, I recently transferred posts (incl. this one) from the old MySpace blog to here at WordPress, but was not able to transfer the original comments left by MySpace friends.]

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