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Devilwood selected for 11th Annual LA Shorts Fest

The following is provided thanks to RupertsDrop, via The Railway Arms:

“The lucky So. California TRA members get another chance to see the unstoppable “Devilwood”!
I’m going to posting the entire e-mail from Sacha Bennett just because it’s so impressive.”

It’s been a while, but:

Congratulations! Your film “Devilwood” has been selected to be part of the
11th annual LA Shorts Fest September 5 – 16, 2007. Reviewing the many
films submitted we found your short represents the caliber of work we want
to participate in our Festival. We here at LA Shorts Fest pride ourselves
on being the largest short film festival in the world. In past years, 25
participating films have earned Academy Award nominations, with 8
filmmakers actually taking home the Oscar. We are honored to be including
your film in our Festival this year, we wish you good luck and look
forward to meeting you.



Sacha Bennett
Jonathan Parsons
Hangman Film Company

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