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Life On Mars – Bobby Martini Mix

Life On Mars – Bobby Martini Mix
Bobby Martini
30 April 2008


Listen Now: Life On Mars – Bobby Martini Mix

Life On Mars - Bobby Martini Mix

Life On Mars - Bobby Martini Mix

Life On Mars was a superb time travel drama that ran for two series on BBC1. The theme tune, written by Edmund Butt, was clever in that it had a modern feel whilst still fitting in perfectly with tunes from the past such as Randall and Hopkirk and Saint etc.

The tune was written by Edmund Butt, who also wrote the music for the follow up series, Ashes to Ashes, Afterlife and Sea of Souls. My only gripe with the theme tune was the length – it was too short. In view of this I have extended it and remixed it. I have added some additional music by myself and also dropped in some speech clips from the show from stars John Simm and Philip Glenister.

“Life On Mars” – Bobby Martini Remix can be found at my main site – on mashups page 7 or the TV Mashups Page where you also find my remix of the Alias theme tune.

I hope you like and look out for my remix of the Ashes to Ashes theme soon !!!!!


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