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Update from Director Sacha Bennett: Devilwood and Tuesday

Sacha Bennett
17 July 2008

Thanks to John Simm Society friend, John Simm Fan, for sharing the following from Director Sacha Bennett:

“Devilwood will be out on dvd to buy before Christmas – we’ve been intending to release it for some time, but various festivals kept cropping up!
We’ll be posting it on amazon and other sites so it should be easy to get hold of the film (and the bonus features of course!).

As for ‘Tuesday’ – we’re just signing deals now, but you’re right, the film will be in UK cinemas first – a tentative date in October has been set.
As for the rest of the world, our Sales Agent – Moviehouse Entertainment – are handling that, so as and when a US/South American distributor picks the film up, it will be down to them to decide when it’s released — this is the downside of not making a Hollywood studio film where the film is released around the world on one day!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy both the films, and the many more we hope to make.


Check out Hangman Films Channel on YouTube, starting with their Official Devilwood Teaser Trailer:

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