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New Fast-paced Heist Film ‘Tuesday’ Sees Life On Mars Good Guys Turn Bad


Philip Glenister & Life on Mars co-star John Simm have reunited for a racy crime thriller set in 1980s London. Tuesday will open in UK cinemas from 10th October.

But Tuesday sees the duo ditch their TV police personas and take on the characters of ruthless career criminals. They are joined in Tuesday by a stellar cast including veteran actor Kevin McNally (Valkyrie, Pirates of the Caribbean, Scoop, The Phantom of the Opera), as well as Ashley Walters (Sugarhouse, Waz, Hustle), Cristian Solimeno (Perfect Hideout, La Terze Madre, Unstoppable) and Kate Magowan (Stardust, Kidulthood, It’s All Gone Pete Tong).

Written and directed by Sacha Bennett, Tuesday is a ‘heist gone right’ story, revealed by the suspects through a series of interrogations. The big question is who got away with it? As the investigating detectives (Kevin McNally and Dylan Brown) try and piece together the jigsaw, they start to realise that nothing is as it seems…

Philip Glenister, who stars as Earp – the head ’villain’ – says the role is a world away from his TV character DCI Gene Hunt: “John and I are the bad boys,” says Philip. “We rob a bank. We rob a few banks actually…”

Writer and director Sacha Bennett: “Seeing Phil and John as hardened criminals working on the other side of the law will no doubt take devoted Life on Mars fans by surprise. Joining them as the other two jewel thieves in their crew are Ashley Walters and Cristian Solimeno, and the dynamic between all four actors is terrific to watch. We’ve a great ensemble cast with Kate Magowan and Dylan Brown, along with Kevin McNally, Kirsty Mitchell and Linal Haft.”

The film is written and directed by Sacha Bennett and is a JAPAN Films production, produced by Sacha Bennett and Jonathan Parsons. The executive producers are Berry Van Zweiten, Paul Fournel and Nigel Bliss. It was shot on location in Woolwich.

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