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Life on Mars stars have movie car stolen
Donna Watson
13 Sep 2008


LIFE On Mars star John Simm has had his movie getaway car nicked.

He drives a BMW 5 series in TU£SDAY, the new British bank job movie featuring him and TV co-star Philip Glenister.

But producers of the the film, in which, Simm and Glenister play villains, were stunned to find the motor had been pinched when they turned up for filming in Woolwich, London.

Director Sacha Bennett said yesterday: “We went back to the site to film some pick-up shots – bits we didn’t get first time round. The car had been in a nearby long-stay car park but it wasn’t there.

“We rang around to make sure none of the crew had used it to get home but drew a blank.

“Then we had the rather embarrassing task of ringing the police to report our getaway car had been stolen.”

But police were unable to locate the light green 1986 car, which WAS bought for £500 from a secondhand dealer in south London.

Sacha added: “It was too late in the day to track down another car in the same colour, so we cut our losses and had to make do with the shots we already had.”

The movie, which tells how three gangs plan to rob the same bank on the same day, opens at cinemas next month [10th October].

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Thanks to Writer/Director Sacha Bennett and John Simm Society friend, Jay Williams for the heads up!

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