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Actor John Simm Reads Billy Liar
8 Nov 2010

Billy Liar read by actor John Simm - Available at

Billy Liar read by actor John Simm – Available at

The unabridged audiobook Billy Liar, read by actor John Simm, is now available at

Billy Liar is a compelling and amusing portrait by Keith Spencer Waterhouse of a compulsive liar who has three fiancees, a penchant for tall tales and a truly dead-end job as an undertaker’s clerk in a Yorkshire town. Still living at home with his family, Billy dreams of becoming a writer for a comedian and escaping his everyday life. Unfortunately, Billy is unable to separate fantasy from real-life, and embroils himself in a web of tangled lies that will bring many a chuckle to a listener, though will the outcome of his mistruths be quite as funny to Billy?

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