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Review: Billy Liar Audiobook

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The Independent
By Sue Gaisford
5 December 2010

…John Simm’s reading of Billy Liar (CSA Word, unabridged, £19.99), the masterpiece from Keith Waterhouse, is, by contrast, flawless. The endearing fantasist Billy, his unspeakable family and everyone he knows are all given distinctive, often hilariously intertwining Yorkshire voices: this reading of Waterhouse’s witty and compassionate writing has the edge even on the iconic 1963 film. When Billy’s harassed mother speaks tentatively of “love”, it’s as if the word were newly coined, “like Terylene”.

Listen and enjoy now! Sample clips of John Simm reading Billy Liar:

A Yorkshire Breakfast Scene (0:01:01)

Funeral Shop Customer (0:00:28)

Billy Liar read by John Simm - Available at

Billy Liar read by John Simm – Available at

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