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Mad Dogs on Mallorca

A new Sky 1 tv series has been filmed on the island

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By h.b.
29 Jan 2011

The 'Mad Dogs' at Palma Airport - Photo Sky

The 'Mad Dogs' at Palma Airport - Photo Sky

A new miniseries from Sky 1, filmed entirely on Mallorca, will be premiered in the O2 Arena in London and in several cinemas across the United Kingdom on Tuesday.

Directed by Adrian Shergold, it starts Max Beesley [Philip Glenister, Marc Warren] and John Simm, with the Spanish actress Maria Botto.

Sollér, Pollença, and Palma are among the locations used in the filming which took place in May and June 2010.

The budget for the project was four million €, the Fundación Mallorca Tourism gave a 150,000 € grant, and is estimated to have left a profit of more than 1.25 million €.

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