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BBC Press Office – Exile Programme Information

BBC Press Office – BBC Week 18
Exile Ep 1/3
New this week
BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD (Sunday 1 May, 9pm)

John Simm and Jim Broadbent star in a new three-part psychological thriller for BBC One

John Simm and Jim Broadbent star in a new three-part psychological thriller for BBC One

John Simm, Jim Broadbent, Olivia Colman, Claire Goose, Shaun Dooley and Timothy West star in this new three-part psychological thriller created by Paul Abbott and written by Danny Brocklehurst which tells an intimate story of prodigal redemption.

When Tom Ronstadt is sacked from his job and dumped by his lover, he has no one left to turn to and does something he hasn’t thought about doing for 18 years – he heads home, to the North.

The drive forces Tom to think back to the fateful night that led him to leave. What made his seemingly loving, caring journalist father beat him up? What had Tom stumbled on that Sam so desperately wanted to keep from him?

Tom arrives home, to his sister Nancy’s surprise. She’s not only upset and hurt that her brother left; she’s also angry that he hasn’t offered to help over the past few years. With their father becoming lost to Alzheimer’s, things have not been easy.

Nancy leaves for a few nights away and Tom is thrown into an alien world of being a carer. He tries to explore his father’s mind, gently steering him towards that day in 1989 when he suddenly and inexplicably lashed out.

Needing to get away, Tom heads to the pub while Sam is asleep. Flirting with barmaid Mandy, he gets up to his old tricks and spends the night with her.

Over a drink with old school friend Mike, Tom opens up about why he left. All he remembers is that he was brutally beaten by his dad and the name “Metzler” was prominently displayed on the paperwork in his office. Metzler is now Mike’s boss – the leader of the council. Is this a lead Tom can use?

Tom Ronstadt is played by John Simm, Samuel Ronstadt by Jim Broadbent, Nancy Ronstadt by Olivia Colman, Mandy Eldridge by Claire Goose, Mike Eldridge by Shaun Dooley, Donald Metzler by Timothy West, Wendy Smith by Daryl Fishwick and Ricky Tulse by Ned Dennehy.

Exile is simulcast in HD on BBC One HD on Freesat channel 108, Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108.

One thought on “BBC Press Office – Exile Programme Information

  1. Exellent production and gripping to the end. Whole family are fans of John Simms and can’t wait to see him in his next acting role.

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