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Mad Dogs: Series 4 and Series 1-4 Box Set available on DVD

BBC Worldwide
Press Release
13 Jan 2014

The highly anticipated fourth and final series of Mad Dogs, as seen on SKY 1 HD, is now available to own on DVD!

Mad Dogs Series 1-4 box set has also been released, giving fans the chance to enjoy the entire series from start to finish.

Mad Dogs - Series 4 DVD

Mad Dogs – Series 4 DVD

Woody (Max Beesley), Quinn (Philip Glenister), Baxter (John Simm)  and Rick (Marc Warren) only intended to go away for a long weekend in Mallorca. A labyrinthine nightmare saw them flee criminals in the Spanish Islands, imprisoned in a secret camp in Morocco and start new lives in South Africa.

The guys have stuck together through thick and thin, and now they face one more daunting obstacle that will bring an end to this surreal journey. Continuing to run from their unwanted, drug-fueled past, Mad Dogs (Series 4) on DVD is an unmissable ending bringing closure to their biggest adventure yet.

Mad Dogs - Series 1-4 DVD Box Set

Mad Dogs – Series 1-4 DVD Box Set


Now the boys are back in London, but are they really that thrilled to be home? They’re broke, their families have moved on and it’s raining. So when Rick tells them he has a plan that might be worth two million euros each, they all stop and listen… A few months later and the boys are back in South Africa and life has changed – for the better. But when a dead goat is found floating in Quinn’s swimming pool, they know that all is not well…

Order your Mad Dogs Series 4 or Mad Dogs Series 1-4 Box Set today!

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