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John Simm reads a selection from The Coral keyboard player Nick Power’s poetry collection

Liverpool Echo
18 Mar 2014

Nick Power launches Small Town Chase, a collection of lyrical stories and poems

The Coral’s keyboard player has released a collection of poetry.

Nick Power has written Small Town Chase, a book of 87 lyrical stories and poems.

A Soundcloud playlist has been set up to launch the book, with a selection of works read by Nick and a gathering of creative friends, including actor John Simm, actress Maxine Peake, Liam Fray from The Courteeners, Paul Heaton from The Beautiful South and Cian Ciaran from Super Furry Animals.

John Simm reads poem selection, ‘The View From The Back’ by Nick Power:

The 96-page book sees Nick’s first venture since the Wirral band’s last album, 2010’s Butterfly House.

Loosely chronicling life in an anonymous small town in the north of England, Nick invites his readers into a world of neighbourhood blackouts, inter-dimensional cement mixers, school memories and coming-of-age drug adventures.

Power admits that creating another world for his readers shares similarities with the imagery often conjured by The Coral.

Nick said: “The themes in Small Town Chase ties in lyrically with a lot of the themes in The Coral’s songs, especially the last album – small town alienation, forgotten piers, love, loss and boredom. It’s almost a companion piece, in that sense.

“I wouldn’t call it poetry as such, or even lyrics. It’s just a world created through words and I think you’ve got to create that sort of world in whatever you’re doing, whether it is music, film, literature or art. If it’s real or unreal enough for people to lose themselves in then you’ve succeeded. That’s all I have ever been looking for, whether that was with The Coral or in Small Town Chase.

“I always wanted to write a more sinister take on Under Milk Wood and, whether I have succeeded in doing that or not, it is ideas like that which I couldn’t communicate through song writing alone.”

He’s been inspired by Dylan Thomas, James Joyce, Charles Bukowski and Sam Shepard, as well as The Mersey Poets and Beat Poets and Alan Moore, Jamie Delano and Warren Ellis.

Nick continued: “I can definitely relate to stories that are half real and half imagined. I think of Small Town Chase as being about a neighbouring town and city and how they relate to each other. So the way that Hoylake relates to Liverpool, with the city being the big black hole, sucking everything in.

“People who have never lived here would never know the difference between the two, but there are a lot of subtle differences that you pick up on. Maybe it’s the water.”

To accompany the book, Power has commissioned Liverpool-based illustrator Low Coney to respond to Small Town Chase with ten images. Find out more at   




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