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Radio Interview: John Simm joins Chris Evans in the studio with Rory Kinnear, Midge Ure and Graeme Swann

BBC Radio 2
Chris Evans Breakfast Show
7 Aug 2015

John Simm on Chris Evans Breakfast Show - BBC Radio 2

Chris Evans (far right) gets that Friday feeling going with John Simm (2nd left), Rory Kinnear (3rd left), Graeme Swann (3rd Right) and Midge Ure (center), who plays live in session.

John chats to Chris about his current play Three Days in The Country at the National Theatre, plus listen to Magic Alex’s ‘Super KK’ intro, then a question from a listener on whether John ever worked in a dairy in Salisbury, followed by John and Rory’s Hamlet interpretations, Strictly Come Dancing degrees of separation, Festivals, filming Human Traffic Off Camera vs On Camera, and concluding with cats.

Play radio interview excerpts (00:14:35):

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