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Short Film Joey: Starring John Simm & Andrea Lowe

James Swift – Director of Photography
3 Nov 2020

Short films & Music videos
Short film starring John Simm as ‘Joey’.

Written & Directed by Will Ash & Andy Knott.

Currently on festival circuit. Full film available on request.

JOEY is a dark love story set in a forgotten seaside town. It follows JOSEPH, a lonely, defeated 50 year old man who works as a clown selling balloons outside a dilapidated pier head. The world has given up on him. And he’s given up on the world. That is until ANNIE (45), a waitress at the local cafe, asks him for a date and shows him that life can be magnificent if he gives it a chance. And so it is. It’s filled with joy and promise and delight. But when Annie uncovers a terrifying and disturbing secret about him, it rips both their worlds apart and seemingly leaves Joseph with only one way out.

Scene #1 from Joey

Scene #2 from Joey

Scene #3 from Joey

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