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John Simm: Antihero making headlines again

The Independent James Rampton 25 April 2011 John Simm has given some memorable performances over the years. Think of the troubled detective Sam Tyler in Life on Mars, the equally troubled journo Cal McCaffrey in State of Play, the even more troubled painter Vincent van Gogh in The Yellow House, and the most troubled of the lot, … Continue reading

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John Simm: ‘I wish I’d done another series of Life on Mars’

Manchester Evening News Ian Wylie 21 Apr 2011 John Simm does his best to cope with the fame game. But he isn’t happy when it gets too intrusive. The Lancashire-raised actor admits: “I find it excruciating. It’s horrible to get a cameraphone shoved in your face every time you walk out the door. Not nice. … Continue reading

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Exile: New BBC One dramas to depict corruption and conspiracy of UK politics

Beehive City Adam Sherwin 3 April 2011 It’s easy to see why politicians get a bad rap in TV drama given an expenses scandal far more lurid than anything a soap opera writer could dream up. But the Westminster classes might question BBC One over a series of fictional commissions that take for granted that … Continue reading

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TV Preview: Exile + Q+A with John Simm

TV Preview: Exile + Q+A with John Simm (18:30) Public BAFTA Event – The BAFTA Site Monday 28 March Princess Anne Theatre Written by Danny Brocklehurst (The Street, Shameless and Clocking Off) and created by Paul Abbot, Exile is a psychological thriller that tells an intimate story of prodigal redemption. The three part serial follows Tom … Continue reading