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John Simm: Antihero making headlines again

The Independent James Rampton 25 April 2011 John Simm has given some memorable performances over the years. Think of the troubled detective Sam Tyler in Life on Mars, the equally troubled journo Cal McCaffrey in State of Play, the even more troubled painter Vincent van Gogh in The Yellow House, and the most troubled of the lot, … Continue reading

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Exile: New BBC One dramas to depict corruption and conspiracy of UK politics

Beehive City Adam Sherwin 3 April 2011 It’s easy to see why politicians get a bad rap in TV drama given an expenses scandal far more lurid than anything a soap opera writer could dream up. But the Westminster classes might question BBC One over a series of fictional commissions that take for granted that … Continue reading


Liverpool-made daytime drama series Moving On returns to BBC One

Liverpool Echo 25 Oct 2010 Paddy Shennan It’s leading a daytime television revolution which is gathering pace, momentum and credibility – and it was born and continues to thrive right here in Liverpool. Moving On, which was created by Jimmy McGovern and is produced by Colin McKeown of Kirkdale-based LA Productions, has already moved on. … Continue reading