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Mad Dogs Series 2 Confirmed For Early 2012

Sky1 HD

The Gang is Back

Mad Dogs 2 is set for early 2012 - the boys are back.

Mad Dogs 2 is set for early 2012 – the boys are back.

Mad Dog fans – the wait is finally over. Mad Dogs 2 has been confirmed for early 2012 and Max Beesley, Philip Glenister, John Simm and Marc Warren will all reprise their roles.

Leftbank Pictures are once more behind the second series, filming this summer in Majorca and Ibiza, and will once again comprise 4 hour-long episodes for transmission in early 2012 with all cast optioned for a potential third series too.

The story picks up where series one ended with Woody, Baxter and Rick driving away from the villa as Quinn has chosen to stay and make a new life in Majorca. In the opening scenes viewers will see Woody, Baxter and Rick have a change of heart and turn back.

So there's more of this...

So there’s more of this…

However, it isn’t long before they realise they’ve made the wrong move, setting themselves on an even more misguided course. In the series two opener viewers will see another killing and an escape with the drug money but can they really make a getaway when there are people who want their money back? The complicated situation the friends have found themselves in continues to spin wildly out of control and surely it can only be a matter of time before they face their day of reckoning…

Series one proved a big success with viewers earlier this year gaining a loyal weekly audience to become the eleventh most watched programme in Sky 1’s history. And the programme has also received a BAFTA nomination for Drama Serial.

Stuart Murphy, Director of Programmes, Sky 1 HD, Sky 1, 2 & Pick TV and Director of Commissioning, Sky Entertainment commented: “Customers loved this show so it’s great to commit to more. At Sky we work hard to bring our viewers high quality original entertainment made by the very best production companies with fantastic talent so I’m delighted we can confirm Mad Dogs’ return just a few weeks after the first series has finished its run. This also marks a growing investment in British scripted content, to sit alongside our great American shows.”

And a little more of this...

And a little more of this…

Andy Harries and Suzanne Mackie return to executive produce for Leftbank Productions with James Hawes (Merlin, Doctor Who) directing scripts written again by Cris Cole.

Andy Harries commented: “Mad Dogs had such an impact that it was as obvious as a dead goat that we had to do more and all the our amazing cast felt the same.”

Suzanne Mackie said: “Before we had finished the first series of Mad Dogs we felt that there was so much more to do with these characters. I have been working with Cris Cole on the scripts ever since we finished shooting series one and the ideas for series two and three are every bit as explosive and inventive as they were at the beginning.”

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