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Preview: The Village + Q&A with John Simm, Maxine Peake, Peter Moffat and John Griffin

Preview: The Village + Q&A
Mon 11 March at 6.30pm

Venue: Princess Anne Theatre, BAFTA

Followed by a Q&A with John Simm, Maxine Peake, Peter Moffat and John Griffin

The Village BBC John Simm Maxine Peake

BBC’s The Village stars John Simm & Maxine Peake

Written by Peter Moffat, The Village is an epic drama series starring Maxine Peake and John Simm, charting the life and turbulent times of one English village across the whole of the 20th century.

The camera never leaves the village. Births, deaths, love and betrayal, great political events, upheavals in national identity, ways of working, rules kept and rebellions made, sex, religion, class, the shaping of modern memory – all refracted through the lives of the villagers and the village. One man, Bert Middleton lives across the entire hundred years and his life story from boyhood to extreme old age provides the narrative backbone. His last great act of remembering is our way in to an examination of our recent past.


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