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The Two Shot Podcast: S09E13 – John Simm

The Two Shot Podcast
Craig Parkinson
19 Feb 2022

Hello TSP mates. It’s new episode day again, and this week Craig is having a chin-wag with John Simm. John’s a top, top actor with an incredibly strong and varied resume. You might know him from Doctor Who, Life On Mars, Grace, Cracker or from films like Human Traffic, Wonderland and 24 Hour Party People. As well as top actor, John’s also a fabulous raconteur. He tells stories of drama schools, parties, East Lancs, North West Lancs, London, clubs, go-go dancing for five pound an hour and tons, tons more. You’ll love it

This is series 9 episode 13 of the Two Shot Podcast with John Simm.

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The Two Shot Podcast: S09E13 - John Simm

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