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This week’s DVD Release – ‘Skellig: The Owl Man’

Image Entertainment
August 17, 2010

Skellig: The Owl Man DVD Cover

'Skellig: The Owl Man' - A Magical Story of an Unlikely Friendship

Synopsis: This moving tale of a boy who befriends a mysterious man with unearthly powers will cast a spell on the entire family!

Young Michael hates his dilapidated new home, he’s worried about his sick baby sister and he’s bullied at school. But life changes when he stumbles upon “Skellig” hiding out in a backyard shed (Tim RothThe Incredible Hulk), and quickly realizes that there’s something very special about him. As magical things start to happen, an entirely new world opens up to Michael, who turns to a reluctant Skellig for help when his baby sister takes a turn for the worse. Don’t miss this unforgettable story about the power of friendship and family, the beauty of hope and the rapture of learning to fly.

Cast: Tim Roth, Kelly Macdonald, Bill Milner, John Simm

Director(s): Annabel Jankel

Language: English

Genre(s): Drama, Family/Kids, Based on Book, Feature Film

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