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Pendle actor John Simm in ‘Prey’

Pendle Today
2 May 2014

Pendle actor John Simm is again starring in a TV series. On Monday, “Prey” was launched on ITV and had almost six million people watching!

John Simm as Detective Sergeant Marcus Farrow in Prey

John Simm as Detective Sergeant Marcus Farrow in Prey

Born in Leeds, John was brought up in Nelson and attended Edge End High School where he acted regularly before becoming a professional. He was taught drama there by late legend teacher Brian Wellock, who helped establish lots of his students as TV, film and theatre professionals.

John has a massive role in the new series which is again on on Monday at 9pm. He plays Det. Sgt. Marcus Farrow, based in Manchester.

And the drama has been created by writer Chris Lunt from Harle Syke!

On the opening session this week there was lots of drama, and John was regularly in dark locations! D.S. Farrow finds his lovely ex-wife Abi stabbed and gets covered in her blood. But he is then wrongly accused of her murder!

He is then arrested, he is attacked in a police vehicle and as a result of that the truck rolls over in a dramatic crash. And he manages to escape!

There is lots of bizarre things going on in the series and you can find out more about what happens to him on Monday. John comes across as a really dramatic character once again.

Since leaving Nelson, John has been massively successful in drama on TV. He has twice been nominated for BAFTA Best Actor awards.

He has been in lots of programmes on telly, including “The Lakes”, “Life on Mars” in which he was a Greater Manchester Police detective then like now, “The Village” based in Derbyshire, and “Dr Who” where he was the Master.


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