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John Simm Tweets: ‘Dated & Sexist’ by Magic Alex is Available on iTunes and Spotify

Magic Alex

Magic Alex: John McCormack, Dean Taylor, John Simm, Simon Borkin and Greg Saunders

About Magic Alex
Formed in 1995 by vocalist Dean Taylor (ex lead singer with the brilliantly baggy Cherrydales) and bass player Simon Borkin (from music press darlings Sign Language), over the course of the next 12 months they were joined by guitarist John Simm (who, along with Taylor had been a founder member of the short lived but massively influential ‘artporn’ rockers “Thrush”) drummer John Mac and, finally, keyboardist Greg Saunders to become Magic Alex.

Taking their cue from The Velvet underground, The Beatles and swaggering north-west UK bands such as Echo & The Bunnymen and the Stone Roses, Magic Alex looked to fuse the blissed out rock music of these bands with the progressive club music they were surrounded by to create a fresh and innovative sound.

Having to choose between a burgeoning acting career and the rise of the band it was a tough decision for guitarist John Simm between accepting a record contract and concentrating on his acting, but as time progressed and the roles he were offered became bigger and more prestigious, the decision was made for him.

Despite finding firm (and in some cases obsessive) fans in a range of other bands (Ian McCulloch, Ian Brown, Bernard Sumner, Beth Orton to name but a few) Magic Alex remain one of the most under-heard and underrated bands of the 90’s, predating The Strokes tinny, melodic groove rock and roll and finding Kasabian’s anthemic dark grooves whilst retaining a sense of humour, this band remain a mighty fine secret just waiting to be discovered.

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